Fitness from the home of CCI! On smallest space practically an entire Gym can be replaced - for general fitness, strength training like the professionals, but also for the rehabilitation after injuries. With just one machine you can do over 100 different exercises to create a demanding whole body workout. We at CCI COTTING and CCI MEDIA as well as various Swiss athletes all swear by the Swiss product.

As Eisenhorn's new partner, CCI MEDIA gifts you 10% of the acquisition costs until the end of November 2018. Enter the code cci-cotting when ordering and save up to CHF 300 per device. Learn more about the Eisenhorn E3 here:

Why Eisenhorn?

  • Maintenance-free: Take care of your training, not your device. It does not need any service.
  • Swiss Quality: The high quality of the products is above everything for us.
  • Ergonomic Design: All exercises are ergonomically perfect. No compromises in position and motions.
  • Small Form Factor: You will need less than 2 square meters of floor space for 80% of the exercises.
  • Smooth Motion: A fantastic feeling during concentric and eccentric movement.
  • Easy Handling: The patented resistance and position adjustment is easy to handle just in seconds.