Fitness from the home of CCI! On smallest space practically an entire Gym can be replaced - for general fitness, strength training like the professionals, but also for the rehabilitation after injuries. With just one machine you can do over 100 different exercises to create a demanding whole body workout. We at CCI COTTING and CCI MEDIA as well as various Swiss athletes all swear by the Swiss product.

Learn more about the Eisenhorn E3 here:

Why Eisenhorn?

  • Maintenance-free: Take care of your training, not your device. It does not need any service.
  • Swiss Quality: The high quality of the products is above everything for us.
  • Ergonomic Design: All exercises are ergonomically perfect. No compromises in position and motions.
  • Small Form Factor: You will need less than 2 square meters of floor space for 80% of the exercises.
  • Smooth Motion: A fantastic feeling during concentric and eccentric movement.
  • Easy Handling: The patented resistance and position adjustment is easy to handle just in seconds.

Learn more about the Eisenhorn E3 here: