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Masterarbeiten/ Forschungsartikel


Masterarbeiten (unter der Leitung von Dr. Patrick Cotting)

Success factors of the different approaches and tools to finance museums and zoos, including Public Private Partnerships, Corporate Sponsorship and Philanthropy.

The event management market in Ticino

Anti-corruption laws and Sponsoring - how to stay attractive for sponsors

The impact of digital transformation and the use of digital platforms in the ski resort industry

Managing Sponsorship activities from a sponsee perspective: an empirical research among Sports properties established in Switzerland





Masterarbeiten (unter der Leitung von Dr. Patrick Cotting)

How social media can enhance the corporate branding of a major sports event such as the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships St.Moritz 2017

Ski resorts as successful platforms for brands. An impact study of advertising and sponsoring activities

The Attractiveness of Castles as Tourism Destinations

Financing Cultural Institutions in Switzerland through Crowdfunding - A multi-perspective approach



Masterarbeiten (unter der Leitung von Dr. Patrick Cotting)

Product Placement in Music Videos

The Relevance of GeoSocial Networks for Sponsorship & Partnership Strategies and their Implications for Destinations (cities and regions)

Developing a Dark Tourism Event concept for Switzerland: Relevance and Appearance Modality of Brands and Products in Music Videos

Celebrity Endorsement and its effect on company employees

Activating consumer relationships through sponsorship: investigating success factors of interactive sport event platforms

Für ein grünes Afrika! Ein integriertes Kommunikationskonzept für Biovision

Forschungsartikel (geschrieben von Dr. Laura Illia)

Applying Co-Occurrence Text Analysis with Alceste to Studies of Impression Management, in: British Journal of Management, Laura Illia, Karan Sonpar, Martin Bauer (2013).

The influence of ethnocentrism on Journalists’ active communication behaviour, in: Journal of Public Relations Research 24: 5. Laura Illia, Francesco Lurati, Rita Casalaz (2012).

Identity concerns or functional concerns? High vs. low identifiers reaction to brand identity change, in: Corporate Reputation Review 15: 1. 52-67. Laura Illia, Johan van Rekom (2012).

Qué piensan los directores europeos sobre los riesgos y oportunidades de la comunicación de la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa?, in ADResearch ESIC 6: 6. 66-91. Laura Illia, Belen Rodriguez Canovas, Almudena del valle Bena (2012).

Corporate Communication vs. Corporate Marketing: Searching for an Integrated Framework, in: Corporate Communication: an International Journal 17:4. Laura Illia, John M T Balmer (2012).

Publizierte Fallbeispiele

Building Sustainable Futures: Communication Strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility Change Management. Laura Illia, Stefania Romenti, Alessio Manzan (2012).

Innovation in Corporate Communication at Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA), in: IE publishing, ECCH Case Studies. L. Illia/ S. McCallister Castillo/ I. Villoch Bayod (2012).


Masterarbeiten (unter der Leitung von Dr. Patrick Cotting)

Neuromarketing in Sports - how emotions drive consumer perceptions of a brand

The Influence of the Economic Crisis on Advertising and Sponsoring in the Swiss German Public Television

Heutige Sponsoringaktivitäten bei Schindler vor dem Hintergrund der Partnerschaft mit Solar Impulse als Ausgangspunkt für eine zu erarbeitende Konzernrichtlinie zum Thema Sponsoring

Forschungsartikel (geschrieben von Dr. Laura Illia)

The media gatekeeping model updated by R&I in ICTs: The case of wireless communications in media coverage of the Olympic Games, in: International Journal of Interdisciplinary Telecommunications and Networking (IJITN) 2: 4: 24-56. Vassiliki Cossiavelou, Philemon Bantimaroudis, Laura Illia, Evaggelia Kavakli (2011).

Managing membership threats through collective efficacy, in: Journal of Business Research 64: 6. Laura Illia, Marino Bonaiuto, Erica Pugliese, Johan van Rekom (2011).

Publizierte Fallbeispiele

Strategic communication at the Film Festival Locarno, IE Publishing, CM1-003-A-I. L. Illia/ A. Manzan/ M. Jannuzzi (2011).


Masterarbeiten (unter der Leitung von Dr. Patrick Cotting)

New Media and International Sports Federations: Challenges and Opportunities and a Framework to develop a social media strategy (based on an extensive analysis of 34 International Sports Federations)

Brand Development for Major Sport Events

Philanthropy and CSR strategies in practice, comparing the strategies of 38 multinational companies

The New Media Strategy of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

Auch blinde Biathleten brauchen Bakschisch: Ein Fundraisingkonzept für Swiss Paralympic

Forschungsartikel (geschrieben von Dr. Laura Illia)

La comunicación de la RSC entre las 250 principales empresas europeas, in Cuadernos de la Información 27: 85-96. Laura Illia, Belén Rodríguez-Cánovas, Almudena González del del Brena, Stefania Romenti (2010).

Auditing the identity of regional wine brands: the case of Swiss Merlot Ticino, in: International Journal of Wine Business Research 22: 4. 386-405. Alessandra Zamparini, Francesco Lurati, Laura Illia (2010).

Publizierte Fallbeispiele

Cultural and industry differences in communicating CSR, Laura Illia.


Masterarbeiten (unter der Leitung von Dr. Patrick Cotting)

Sponsorship strategies in Russian museums compared to US museums

Learning from Business Alliances for Sponsoring & Partnership Strategies (S&P)

S&P strategies applied in the Airline industry

Celebrity Endorsement Strategies - Success Factors and Controlling

Volunteers in Athletics - building a community

Developing a business strategy for archive material in Sports Television

Forschungsartikel (geschrieben von Dr. Laura Illia)

Exploring how organizational identity is affected by the arrival of new members, in: Contemplating the corporate marketing, identity and communications, Edited by: K. Podnar & Balmer, J.M.T (eds.). London: Routledge.

Exploring How to Diagnose Members’ Concerns About Changes in Core Elements of Organizations, in: The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science 45: 4.

The Audit and Management of a Museum’s Media Image, in: Museum Management and Curatorship 24: 201. Dates Mariana, Laura Illia (2009).

Communicating CSR: practices among Switzerland’s top 300 companies, in: Corporate Communications 13: 2. 182-196. Gregory Birth, Laura Illia, Francesco Lurati, Alessandra Zamparini (2008).

Publizierte Fallbeispiele

Strategic Communication during a Crisis: Swiss Post and the Rema Project, IE Publishing, CM1-002-I. L. Illia/ N. Barelli (2009).

Starbucks: The Challenge of a Global Market and its Entrance in the European Continental Market, IE Publishing, CM1-001-I. L. Illia/ F. Lurati (2008).