Ad Interim Management Module

Dr. Patrick Cotting has a very long track record in managing and motivating teams in the marketing and corporate strategy area and/or to take over specific tasks during a certain time period.

Examples / References

PlanetSolar (2010-12)

Heading the marketing & partnership team for the First Around the World Tour with Solar Energy; with events in more than 30 countries, including the cities of Brisbane, Hongkong, Singapour, Abu Dhabi and Monaco.

UEFA Euro 2008

Heading the Sponsorship & Financing department for the UEFA Euro 2008 in the Host City Basel (mandated by the City of Basel).

Special Olympics (2008-10)

Heading the marketing and fundraising activities for Special Olympics Switzerland.

Eurosport (2001-2011, until 2008 as an employee, first as Director Alliances & Partnerships, then as Director Marketing & Accounts for Central Europe, afterwards as an agent)

Contributed to increase the turnover by factor 7, to acquire new business clients and to head projects for clients with more than 50 people working for it.

EKZ Eltop (2009-11)

Marketing & sales development, including coaching at EKZ Eltop, a medium-sized company with 550 employees.

Sportsch├╝tzen Tafers (2004-2010)

President of the most successful Sports Club in Olympic sports shooting in Switzerland, with more than 60 active members, among those almost half of the Swiss National Team. Multiplying by 9 the financial fortune and strength of the property.