Marketing & Creative Consulting

Pine and Gilmore point out in their book «The Experience Economy» that Work is Theatre and every Business a Stage. Successful organisations in this experience economy embrace therefore the following elements:

  • the mission of a company is to stage experiences rather than to deliver just services,
  • their buyers are guests rather than just clients or customers,
  • their factors of demand are sensations and memories rather than just simple intangible benefits.

The trend over the last years was from focusing on core offers (e.g. music concert), to a product (e.g. offering also DVDs, merchandising), to services (e.g. offering special services for loyal members, for different categories of visitors, that make the visit in general more comfortable), to experiences, to sharing experiences.

The more a marketing offer is able to integrate the different dimensions of «experiences», the more differentiated the brand and the higher the prices the brand can ask.

Examples / References