CCI is an official partner and representative of Download here an article on Beekeeper, published in the magazine ORGANISATOR and watch the videos below. You also find a summary of the features of Beekeeper on this One-Pager. In this article Beekeeper founder Cristian Grossmann has his say and gives insight into the company.

Why do we believe in Beekeeper? Why did we also convince the City of Geneva with all its museums and libraries to use Beekeeper?

The value of an engaged workforce is more than important to stay ahead of the competition. By adapting the means of communication to the needs of employees, the mobile first solution Beekeeper reaches and connects everyone. It brings the internal communication into the 21st century and replaces the "old" intranet. You can find an example for possibilities within the app in this One-Pager about the innovation app in Beekeeper.

Some elements Beekeeper makes possible:

  • Replace the actual intranet through a 21st century solution
  • Replace uncoordinated WhatsApp, Facebook and other groups in the company (you get back control of internal communication).
  • Connect office workers and frontline staff with each other
  • Support ideas through bottom-up communication
  • Provide immediate feedback through mini-surveys
  • Build company pride and employee loyalty
  • Integrate enterprise systems into a company app

and finally:

  • a communication platform that easily interacts with all other systems: Microsoft, SAP, Cisco etc.
  • to have the most accurate and efficient alert system for all employees: within seconds, all employees are informed or warned about important issues
  • a tool that allows administrators in the dashboard to define, optimise and automate a large number of workflows. Here you gain effectiveness and above all efficiency!

What does Beekeeper enable that others cannot?

Content can be accessed through mobile, desktop and even TV. No email addresses are needed. Beekeeper also makes sure that your communication strategy is more effective with insights into your workforce's engagement.

A company can have its own App, run with the Beekeeper system, adapted to its own corporate identity with a white label solution.

The data is super protected according to the most severe standards of the Swiss data protection regulations and the EU GDPR. The data can be stored in your country.

Beekeeper has got an own service team - based in Zurich, San Francisco, London, Berlin - that makes sure that the implementation is fast, easy and effective.

And finally, if you are not yet convinced, you can start a guided test.
We are happy to explain you the benefits of Beekeeper for your company or institution.

A current business case from the hotel industry, that explains Beekeeper and its implementation in teams perfectly to you: