Scorecard and ROI Consulting

The first version of the CCI Scorecard was developed as part of Patrick Cotting’s PhD dissertation in 1999. Since then, it has been further developed and improved, so that it can be used for Marketing, Event Management, Sponsorship and Partnership Management, New Business Management as well as PR and Communication Management. Being an integral part of the Executive courses that Cotting lectures since then, the CCI Scorecard was implemented and adapted in a lot of small, medium-sized and big companies.

The CCI scorecard suggests defining a Strategy by considering the following perspectives

  • Vision / Positioning
    Define what you want to reach and how it shall be positioned, according to the five parameters of a positioning statement.
  • Experience World Perspective
    Define what products, services and experiences to create or to improve.
  • Target Group Perspective
    Define who exactly to target: geographically from where the target group shall come; demographically what age they have; psychographically what attitudes they represent.
  • Management Perspective
    Define how to set up and structure the organisation: what functions shall be covered; what is done internally, what is given to external specialists; what is the time schedule, the implementation plan; the responsibilities, the quality required etc.
  • Business Perspective
    Definition der Finanzierungs- und Einnahmesysteme
    Define how the activities shall be financed; what the funding is; the budget, the costs, the expected outcomes etc.

Examples / References

CSS Insurance (2008)

Developing a communication controlling Scorecard.

Credit Suisse (1996-2001)

Developing a ROI controlling approach (incl. processes) for all sponsorships and events.