Controlling/Monitoring Tools

We have developed and implemented controlling methodologies for different companies in different areas:

  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction Controlling
  • Media, Advertising, PR, Sponsorship, Event Controlling
  • CCI Scorecard Controlling
  • CCI Impact Controlling

Reference: Swatch

With the "CCI Impact Controlling", we have developed for Swatch a unique approach that combines controlling with promoting: The analysis was done in the resorts, the Swatch brand had an impact, with a team of interviewers and camera-men.

Questions were asked to the visitors based on the following factors investigated:

  • Ad attractiveness
  • Brand awareness
  • Brand image
  • Brand loyalty
  • Buying intention

Swatch received the following data and material:

  • Data analysis
  • Statistical Report
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Interpretation of the Results and Recommendations
  • Multimedia materials, such as ready-to-watch video clips, individual filmed interviews