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The Persons behind CCI

Dr. Patrick Cotting

Founder, CEO and Chairman

«There is always a way to maximize business potentials. Some may initially pay a lot of dues or accumulate a mountain of problems before understanding it.»

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Mobile: +41 79 555 37 25
Office: +41 43 541 40 00
Skype: cottingconsulting

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Dr. Laura Illia

Partner, Head Research / Consultant for Media, Branding and Reputations Strategies

«A visionary ‹raison d‘être› without communication might be dangerous, but communication without a visionary ‹raison d‘être› might turn into a nightmare for the company.»

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Office: +41 43 541 40 00

Dr. Thomas Schmutz

Partner, Head Business Model & exhibition development for cultural institutions

«Only too often companies and cultural institutions invest important resources into elaborate structures and forget to set up and define what is absolutely crucial and an important key factor for success: a coherent strategy that is deserving ofs its name.»

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Mobile: +41 78 698 00 61

Ali Dahan

Consultant, Business Development International Markets

«Fresh views can be eye openings to many challenges facing organizations, understanding the big picture and acting on it is what matters.»

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Raphael Dobmann

Executive Assistant

«Only who is prepared a 100% may improvise.»

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Mobile: +41 76 541 11 27

Sophie Guermann

Executive Assistant

«The success of a project requires a lot of work but also a lot of passion.»

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Mobile: +41 79 741 01 86