Feeling safe at home is a basic need of all people. mitipi would like to provide a holistic service with which one can subscribe to security.

Fire, water, and burglary are the greatest dangers at home. Burglaries are the worst for those affected - after all, privacy has been invaded. Some victims have to bear the consequences for a long time. That's why the mitipi team tackled this problem first and took a look at the victim's side as well as the burglar's side.

Burglars want to do their job as undisturbedly as possible and want to make sure that nobody is at home to interrupt them - so presence simulation is a good option to deter the burglars. There are some products on the market that simulate presence, but they are very static and often only work with light. But there are also many break-ins during the day. This is why "Kevin" was born: Kevin simulates presence by means of light, shadow effects and acoustics. He then, for example, imitates a family at dinner, an action film or someone doing sports. The database of activities includes around 100 hours of content and the algorithm decides what makes sense for which user and when to be played.

Here's a video that introduces and explains Kevin:

Here you see our prototype and our demo app, and how it works:

Kevin covers prevention. Now, we're adding more smart home technologies as well as a unique household insurance to the security package. This can be preordered already now - the security subscription will be available from Q1 2019.

Find more information on Kevin here.