Media, Sponsorship, Philanthropy and Events

We evaluate, conceptualize, negotiate and implement strategies and activities that bring you closer to your stakeholders, customers and clients.

  • CSV strategies (creating shared value), combined with partnerships and sponsoring
  • Partnerships with very special locations: ski resorts, tourism centres, buildings, stadiums
  • Sponsoring, Hospitality and Partnership Strategies
  • Concrete sponsorship and partnership opportunities
    • Premier League Clubs
    • Deutsche Bundesliga
    • US Soccer
    • Museen
    • Universitäten und Schulen
    • Etc.


Adecco Group

Developing the worldwide Sponsorship guidelines


Developing the sponsorship, partnership and experiental branding guidelines

Crédit Agricole Private Banking

Developing the activation and leverage concept for its involvement at the Swiss Open Gstaad tennis tournament

Hydros / l'hydroptè

Developing the sponsorship and partnership concept

Patrouille des Glaciers

Developing the sponsorship and event concept


Developing the sponsoring, partnership, ownership and event management guidelines

Schweiz. Management Gesellschaft (SMG)

Developing the sponsorship and partnership concept

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