Sponsorship and Advertising requests create high costs:

  • It takes a lot of time to receive, read, coordinate internally and answer them.
  • These investments are in most cases not core business activities and do not create business value.
  • They quickly cost more than EUR 50'000 per year just in costs for the personnel handling these requests.
  • Most companies use MS Office Excel sheets and type again the requests in order to have a database with very limited analysis functions and a high time investment to create and manage the database.

There is a lack of objectivity for the allocation of Sponsorship and Media advertising budgets.

  • Selection Criteria once set are not always followed.
  • Selection Criteria are understood differently among different countries, regions, managers.
  • There is often no common weighting of the selection criteria.

Partnerwise is an online application that saves time and costs and that increases the quality of sponsorship and media advertising requests.

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