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Dominic Burns

Senior Vice President, Licensing & Entertainment at FremantleMedia Enterprises

«I worked with Patrick for a couple of years at Eurosport and always found him to be a great strategic thinker, who always came up with simple methods of illustrating complex opportunities or solutions for brands. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the discipline of marketing and would be an asset to any organisation.»

Laurence De Cecco

Founder and Partner, blossom, strategic and visual communication

«Patrick’s ability to fully master both the academic and practical aspects of communications has always amazed me. This very rare combination of skills enables him to establish the foundation of his reflection on his academic knowledge as a university professor and develop efficient communication strategies based on his know-how and broad field experience. This very unique and precious asset provides Patrick with a definite advantage on the communications battlefield!»

Thomas Hlach

Consultant in Sponsorship Strategies

«Patrick is a bright person that evaluates sharply every problem in order to quickly find a suitable solution. It was a pleasure to work with him as he involved me rapidly into assignments that suited my specific skills. I got the chance to learn from him what does “business acumen” means.»

Esther Werthmueller

Chief Marketing Officer at Med Beauty Swiss AG

«I got to know Patrick as an excellent consultant in strategy and positioning concepts in my previous job. That's why I asked him whether he could give me the opportunity to work for him. My first impression was confirmed by his professional leadership and consulting skills. I could immediately benefit from his big relationship network and industry knowledge. Because of changes in my private life, I could not work any longer for him and I thank for this great and challenging experience that I had during my short but very intense time at CCI MEDIA. I wish him and all his projects and partners all the best.»