Media Equity Tool

Often communication messages from the corporate communication or the investor relations department are not reflected by the media, by social media opinion leaders and journalists in the way your company would like it to be.

We have developed a tool that lets you understand the gaps between what you tell and what media and individuals say about your company and business.

The CCI Media Equity Tool enables you:

  • To know what terms are most important to use in your communication in order to convince journalists and opinion leaders, and to get their messages consistent with yours.
  • To know how to improve your relationship to media, your credibility and the perception of your company by your stake- and shareholders.
  • To know how significant your communication messages differ from those of your competitors.
  • To save money as your communication becomes more effective and efficient.

With the knowledge we provide, you will gain evidence on which themes you should best focus within your communication.

By focusing on these themes you will be able to fill the gap between the messages you sent and deliver to the media, and the messages that the media distribute about your company. The smaller the gap, the better your image and reputation in the media will be.